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What’s An Error 024 on My Dish Network VIP722?

By Erik

Have you pushed the DVR button on your remote only to see “Error 204 Unable to access this feature at this time Data not available” pop up on your screen?

You’re not alone, others have run their DVR for some time just to suddenly lose signal connection and the picture. You may or may not get an error message but you may see white bars flash on screen. You will typically hear the fan cycling up several times as the DVR hunts for a signal.

There are a few things that you can do to try to get your DVR working once more. These are relatively easy fixes and should be attempted before having to resort to calling tech support.

The first thing to try out is to open the door located on the front right side of your 722. Push down and hold the power button for five seconds. You will hear the fan start running. The sound is unmistakably loud. Allow the 722 time to reboot. As it does it will go through several steps as it attempts to acquire the satellite signal.

Once you are receiving a channel again, you can try pushing the DVR button to see if it fixed the issue. Keep in mind that each time you reset your 722 the fan will run. This does not necessarily mean that your DVR is rebooting because it is overheating.

The next step is to try unplugging your unit to force a system reset. If all the above fails to work then most likely the hard disk in your DVR has failed. The easiest fix for this is to order the DISH Home Protection Plan and then place a call to DISH Network tech support at 1.888.825.2557

Usually DISH will send out a replacement unit and a return slip for your defective one. You will soon be enjoying your DVR once more.

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