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Using Dish Network Remote Access on the iPhone

By Erik

We all have been away from our house when a show or TV event that we wanted to see came on, and we forget to set our DVR. If you are a DISH Network subscriber I have great news: because of dish remote access on your iPhone you never have to go through that again.

DISH remote access, what is it?

DISH remote access is a tool that you can get for your iPhone or iPhone Touch, to manage your DVR where ever you are. As of right now this is an application exclusively through the iPhone and iPhone Touch. You can download this application from the Apple app store in just a few seconds. This is such an awesome Direct TV app that you can do more than one task with it.
DISH remote access, what can I do with it?

With these apps it is possible to schedule recording secessions on your DVR systems. While doing this you are able to browse through your DVR recordings that you already recorder on it. If you have an advanced DVR system you will also be able to do many other tasks as well. This means you can actively manage your system. You can browse through recorded data, delete unwanted selection, and resolve recording conflicts. All of this and the fact you can create folders to further organize your DVR.

DISH remote access is an application that is not only the best and latest way to organize and manage your DVR, it helps you optimize your satellite TV experience any time or where you need.

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