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Sirius Satellite Radio on Dish Network

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Sirius Satellite Radio and DISH Network have partnered up to offer over 60 channels of commercial free digital music to DISH Network Subscribers. The great part about Sirius Satellite Radio is the fact that it’s commercial free, unlike regular radio stations that have commercials every 15 minutes or so. The new channels play music 24 hours a day, and subscribers can choose from a ton of different genres, everything from Hip-Hop to Rock to Country and Jazz. The channels are great to put on if you are entertaining or throwing a party.

Sirius Satellite Radio channels are available on multiple DISH Network packages including:

  • Americas Top 200™
  • Americas Top 250™
  • America’s Everything™ Pak

Sirius was launched in 2002 and provides DISH Network with music channels. They also have just launched an internet platform where subscribers can listen to over 70 channels of all digital music from anywhere in the world. Popular stars such as Howard Stern, Lance Armstrong and Bam Margera have exclusive shows on the Sirius network.

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