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Satellite Installation

By Christine

AllSat is a DISH Network authorized retailer and was named one of the Top Five DISH Network retailers in 2007. AllSat has proven they can be trusted since they have already met all of the rigorous requirements necessary to sell DISH Network service and schedule installations. They are not just another affiliate of a retailer. AllSat actually began as a brick and mortar store back in 1995 installing PRIMESTAR and then DIRECTV and then DISH Network. Then, in 1997, they quickly adopted the internet and became the premier online satellite retailer on the web. There are other sites selling satellite service but most have not been in business as long. Their website is so easy to use, there is no second guessing.

One cool feature on their website is that they will design the perfect DISH Network system for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Then you can order that service right from their website. You can choose your package and any premium programming, give them the installation information they will need to deliver and install the equipment and that is it, you’re done. One of the reasons I always put off changing or adding any phone, cable, satellite, or mobile phone service is because it is so dreadful to have to call and sit in a queue to talk to a representative. I tried out AllSat’s online ordering system and had all of the order information completed in less than five minutes.

Not only is AllSat’s site easy to use, they also offer free professional equipment installation. Right now, in addition to offering the usual free installation, they are also offering a special DISHDVR Advantage program that gives you 100 favorite channels, local channels, a two-room DVR that allows access the programs you have recorded from two different TVs, and there is no equipment to buy. All of this is only $44.99 a month. You can also upgrade and receive 200 channels a month for $44.99 or 250 channels a month for $54.99.

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