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Programming a Dish Network Remote

By Erik

If you are looking for a quick rundown on programming your DISH Network remote you have come to the right place. By following the instructions listed below you will find that you can do so quite easily. Carefully read each step and do as instructed to get your remote operating as desired.

·       First push the TV button on the remote and then manually turn on your television.

·       Next find the manufacturer codes for the television in the remote’s user manual. If you find more than one listed don’t worry. This is normal as there can be many different models listed under each manufacturer.

·       You now need to press the address button and then key in the first code on your list. If the code is the right one the mode button flashes to let you know. If it does flash just press the power button to see if it will turn the TV off. If not then you will need to enter the next code. Repeat this process until you get the right code entered.

If none of the codes seem to work you may have to manually search for the right one. Press the TV mode button and then the address button until you see the light begin slowly flashing. Press the power button to make it stop.

Now begin pressing the up or down button to find the right code. As soon as the television turns off you will know you have the right code. Now push the address button to store it. As long as it is good you will see the light flash three times.

Simply follow the directions above to program your remote for each of your devices. If programming the Aux button you will need to add either a 0 (for a TV) or a 1 (for a VCR) in front of the code being used.

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