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New Dish Package

By Jim

DISH Network has released a wide array of network packages this past week as well as a number of features and offers to make the packages more enticing.  These changes have been in the works for quite a while but has been undergoing a bunch of tweaking because of all the fluctuations in the market.

There are four new basic packages that were introduced.  First time subscribers will receive a $15 discount for the first year after they sign up.  This package includes your basic local channels as well as regional sports networks.  It sounds pretty simple and it’s probably for the basic, novice person who’s new to satellite television and doesn’t know that much about the industry.

DISH has also partnered with HBO and ShowTime, allowing a free subscription for the channels for the first three months along with the slight monthly discount.  The packages seem very simple and are geared solely for the first time subscriber.  The company is trying to get an in with novice users who have either left their cable subscription or people who have never had a subscription in the first place.

The subscriptions will have to be priced fairly low because it has to be able to compete with local cable subscriptions.  There’s no sense in subscribing to satellite if the cable bill will be $10 cheaper.  Most people who can do without HBO or ShowTime are probably just content with paying the bare minimum.  But for hardcore watchers who need many channels, satellite is definitely the way to go.

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