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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Dish Network

By admin

If you are a parent you want what your kids watch on television to be appropriate and educational. These days, violence and sex is showing up more than ever on television and you want your kids to be protected from that. This may seem almost impossible sometimes with the amount of inappropriate content in the media, however satellite tv offers many ways for your to protect your children from inappropriate content and can provide them with the educational experience television SHOULD create.

DISH Network offers the most Kid friendly and family oriented programming out there. I am subscribed to DISH Network and I have friends with kids that are as well.  They knew that I run a website about satellite tv and approached me about helping them set up the their television so all of the channels that are inappropriate for kids would be blocked. We’ll there was actually no need for me to do this because DISH Network has great, easy to use, parental controls built in.

After I explained this to them and pointed them in the right direction they were able to set the parental controls up so that their kids could only access the channels that they as parents wanted them to be watching. I think in the end they felt a bit silly about asking me because the process ended up being so easy, but thats OK, thats what the Satellite TV Guru is here for.

With Parental controls you can password protect and lock certain programs do to rating or set specific channels that can only be accessed with a password. This allows you to still be able to watch your favorite channels and at the same time it protects your children from content that might not be appropriate for them.

To get started with Parental Controls on DISH Network:

1. Press the MENU button on your remote.
2. Select Locks.
3. Choose the right locks for your family.
4. Set a password that the locked channels can be accessed with.

Some channels I recommend that are kid friendly:

Cartoon Network
Discovery Kids
The Disney Channel
ABC Family

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