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How To Record And Save Programs On Your Dish Network DVR

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Sometimes, you can’t be home to watch your favorite programs when they’re broadcast. In the past, you were forced to record your programs on your VCR, a task that confused even the most tech-savvy consumers. Today, the availability of services such as Tivo and DVR (Digital Video Recording) make the chore of recording programs nearly effortless. A job that used to involve reading a manual now only requires a couple of button clicks.

DISH Network has been providing its customers with DVR service for years. They combine the traditional DVR service with their satellite receivers to deliver an interactive and uniquely-flexible recording and playback experience. Below, you’ll learn about the benefits of DVR, how it works and how you can take advantage of the service.

Benefits Of DISH Network’s DVR

The main benefit of DVR is the ability to easily record programs that you’re unable to watch during the original broadcast. Instead, you can watch your programs when you’re available. DVR also allows you to pause a program or skip past the commercials that aired during the broadcast, saving you time and frustration.

Beyond the basic service, the DISH Network’s DVR provides a host of additional benefits. Their satellite receivers are typically rated highly by both critics (such as and and customers. Their receivers offer a high level of capacity and functionality with the ease of a simple interface. Features include recording multiple programs simultaneously and an image quality that surpasses that of most other networks.

How To Save And Record Programs

The DISH Network DVR receivers work similarly to your PC’s hard drive. The programs you choose to save are stored onto the storage drive of your DVR receiver. When you access your programs, the data is retrieved and played on your TV. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for using the DISH Network’s DVR service to record your favorite shows:

Step 1 – On your remote control, press the “Guide” button. Navigate to the program you want to record and press the “Select” button (alternatively, you can choose the “Record” button).

Step 2 – You’ll be taken to a screen that shows a “Create Timer” selection. Choose that option. The DVR system may take a few seconds to find your program.

Step 3 – After your DVR has identified the program you want to record, the “Create Timer” screen will disappear. In its place, you’ll see a notification (usually in a small colored icon) that confirms your program is either being recorded (if it is being broadcast) or is scheduled to be recorded.

Step 4 – To verify that you’ve set the DVR properly, navigate to the “My Daily Schedule” section and find your program.

If you’ve ever recorded a program using a VCR, you’ll appreciate the ease of recording programs on the DISH Network’s DVR system.

Watching Programs On Your Schedule

Enjoying your favorite television programs shouldn’t mean being held captive to a network’s scheduling. Nor should it require having to study a VCR manual. The DVR service from DISH Network makes recording and playing back programs quick and painless. The receivers that are available through the DISH Network continue to impress critics and customers while offering a storage capacity unmatched by other providers. Once you’ve used the DISH’s DVR service, you’ll likely wonder how you lived without it.

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3 Responses to “How To Record And Save Programs On Your Dish Network DVR”
Satellite Services - May 13th, 2008 at 2:21 am

Since getting a DVR all my TV viewing habits changed.
I am no long subjected to broadcasting schedules and free to choose my own time. I can fast forward commercials, and the best thing is that there is always something to see 🙂

Debbie - January 29th, 2009 at 3:29 am

I figured out how to record a program, but guess what I can’t figure out how to watch the program I recorded. I notice your instructions show how to set up a program to be recorded, but it does not say how to play it back. Guess what the large booklet doesn’t say either. I’m sure it’s in there, but where? It should say how to play a recorded program back in the table of contents, but it does not. I am in tears over this, I have a headache searching the book, and I hate Dish satellite because of this.

It was great with DirectTV, I never even had an instruction booklet, it was that easy to use. Even setting up programs to record was much easier, there is two extra stupid steps just to record even. But this is unbelievable to not say how to watch it back, and now what you typed doesn’t either. Thanks for nothing.

Fran McHuigh - May 19th, 2009 at 3:22 pm

How do you switch recording on DVR 2 to DVR 1? Some things I record go to 1 and some to 2. It doesn’t seem to mattter if anything else is scheduled, it is just random.

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