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How To Prepare for Your Dish HD Installation

By admin

So you’ve recently bought an HD compatible television and your ready to take the plunge in the next generation of television. You called up DISH Network and made an appointment to have the DISH HD service installed, and you want the installation to go as smooth as possible. Well here are a few tips.

If DISH Network is just sending you an HD receiver, check with them to make sure they are also sending you an HDMI cable. This cable replaces the standard cable you are using currently to receive non HD broadcasts.

Call and see if there is an upgrade fee. If so you an often get the price reduced if you talk to them a bit and act like you are on the verge of just sticking with the regular service. I have heard of people getting starz and HBO free for 3 months as well when they are upgrading, you may be able to work something like that out with them as well. Again this really depends on how much you can haggle with them…and if you luck out with a REALLY nice customer support rep, who knows you may be able to get the upgrade free with no installation fees at all.

If someone is actually coming out to upgrade your service they may not be able to find a good HD signal where your Satellite DISH is currently mounted, so they may have to move it, but that is pretty unavoidable. However 90% of the time things go smoothly, and they shouldn’t need to move anything.

Overall my experience upgrading with DISH is usually positive, so sit back, relax, and get ready to see what your HD TV can really do.

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