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How Does It Work? Satellite Television At A Glance

By Erik

When you sit down to enjoy your satellite TV do you ever wonder just how it all works? From dishes to LMBs, HDTV to DVR there are many different terms that may seem overwhelming. Chin up though; with just a bit of info you will soon get how it all operates.

Forget all the technical mumbo-jumbo right off the bat. You can study this stuff all day long and still not get the basic idea of how it works. That is why you will find the following explanation a much needed relief.

Satellite television uses radio signals. The only trouble is that radio signals travel in straight lines. While trees and buildings can’t block these signals, the Earth’s curve can interfere with the signals reaching the viewer. This is why satellites are so important.

Broadcasters send their radio signals up to satellites which hang in a fixed position above the earth in what is known as a geosynchronous orbit. Now that you have the radio signals being beamed up to the satellites the next step is to get them into homes. This is where receiving units come in.

Your satellite receiver works with your dish to catch and decipher the radio signals. It does this in a variety of steps. The dish itself helps to catch the signal coming down from the satellites. The arm connected to your dish is known as an LNB, LNC, or LND and collects the signal directing it into the cabling going to the receiver.

Your receiver carries the necessary computer programming that determines which stations you can watch, keeps up with your pay-per-view purchases and more. Now that you have a better understanding of how satellite television works you will find that buying your next system will seem less magical and a great deal more understandable.

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