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How to Get the Best Picture Quality with Dish Network

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I grew up in the 1960s and TV has really come a long way since then. Now we have television in HD as well as HD DVD and BlueRay. All of these new formats and types of media can get confusing. Getting the best picture out of your satellite tv service is easy though, especially if you have DISH Network.

To get the best picture quality with your DISH Network service you will need a television that supports HDTV. Almost all new TVs do, check and see if your television supports 720i / 720p or 1080i / 1080p. If it supports any of these formats then you can receive the HD Channels offered by DISH Network.

The second thing you will need to have to get the best picture and clarity possible from DISH Network is a receiver that supports HDTV. You can tell if your receiver can support HDTV by checking the model number. The current receivers that support HDTV are the VIP722, VIP622, VIP222 and the VIP211. Most of these HD Receivers also have a DVR that allows you to record programming.

If both your television and receiver are HD compatible you just need to connect your receiver to your tv with a component cable or HDMI cable. This allows the HD signal to be transfered to your television. DISH is currently offering up to 70 national channels in HD. Most popular channels are available in HD so if you are watching a football game or sports broadcast and want the clearest picture you should always check to see if its available on a channel thats broadcasting in HD.

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