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Dish vs Cable and Fiber Optic

By Erik

Once upon a time a time when you wanted to watch television you simply installed a wire antenna and wired it to your television. Today however we are much further along in technology and sophistication. There are now three players in the ring ready to duke it out for our television and internet entertainment dollars.

Cable, the old pro, has in recent years found itself being attacked by competition and critics alike for a variety of reasons. The cost of purchasing shows has in itself not raised very quickly. The amount charged by cable companies however has risen exponentially. Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their monthly costs and as such are looking beyond cable.

DISH appeared on the scene back in the mid to late 90’s and has made quite the splash. One of the issues with dish (or satellite based) television was that poor weather could interfere with the signal leaving viewers unable to watch TV. As technology has improved so has dish’s ability to compensate for such adverse conditions.

The newest player on the field today has actually been around for longer than both of the other two. Fiber optic lines, once thought the exclusive field of phone communications, has now been adapted to carry picture as well as audio. Not only is it fast and reliable it is easily accessible.

Rather than having to offer many different channels with a variety of programming fiber optic can be used to allow viewers the ability to view a lineup of shows of their choosing. The shows would be stored on a main server and then uploaded to homes in the order chosen.

All three continue to fight out the TV wars, but it remains to be seen as to who might win. DISH has a clear advantage at this point, but fiber optic may just edge them out.

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