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Dish TV vs Tata Sky

By Erik

When it comes to satellite television in India there are two major competitors, Tata Sky and DISH TV. Perhaps the first area to look at when it comes to these two companies is the number of active services that each has.

Many consumers will tell you that while Tata Sky has the biggest number of active services they do not tend to be worth the cost. If regional channels were to be offered at the same price then the company would have an edge up on DISH TV in this area.
The technology currently used by both companies is comparable meaning that neither is offered a leg up on the competitor. Even though the equipment is comparable in quality many consumers report a marked increase in signal quality when it comes to Tata Sky. This may be due in part to the STB interface that the company uses.

When it comes to packages the old saying “less is more” may be quite applicable. There have been complaints about how unwieldy Tata Sky’s classification system can be when people have certain channels that they want to see. DISH TV on the other hand does not use such a classification system which makes channel surfing much easier. DISH TV also currently offers more overall channels than Tata Sky.

As far as prices are concerned it seems that DISH TV is the current winner. With more stations for their money there is no denying that the company has Tata Sky beat hands down. Tata Sky does have a referral scheme going though that can help level the playing field. Current users who refer someone will receive two months free viewing and the new users will get their first month of viewing free.

Both companies have many similarities but differ greatly as well. The decision between the two may well come down to what channels one wishes to view.

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