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Dish Network Movie Channels

By admin

I’m a huge fan of movies, and I’m not going to lie, I watch a ton of them.  I am personally subscribed to DISH Network and I have most of the premium movie channels.  I realize that most people however may not want ALL the movie channels but will want to pick and choose the ones they like.  That is why I decided to compile a list of the premium movie channels that DISH Network offers.  This way you can find the movie channels that are right for you.

I have found that if you subscribe to more than one premium movie channel package you will usually be able to get some sort of a “bundle” deal for a better price. For example, if you get the DirecTV Premier Package, you get up to 31 channels of movie programming included in that.  If you really want to go all out, if you do have a lot of movie channels you might want to consider getting a DVR (digital video recorder) as well.  This will let you record, pause, play and rewind movies making it seem like you have a whole video store right instead your living room.

DISH Network Movie Programming

HBO – 8 Channels | $14.99 – My Personal Favorite
HBO really is great, and If I had to choose one movie channel, this is what I would get.  What I love about HBO is the fact that they have most of the latest movies, as well as some awesome television shows such as The Sopranos (which is over now) and also Band of Brothers originally was produced by HBO.

ShowTime – 10 Channels  | $11.99
I’m not a huge fan of ShowTime, they do have some good movies and shows however.  I have always felt that ShowTime is just an HBO that isnt really as good.

Starz Super Pak – 8 Channels | $11.99
I recommend getting the Starz Super Pak if you want to get the newest movies out on video, regardless if they are good or not.  Starz usually just plays new movies, and so they has the largest selection of new movies.

Cinemax Multimax – 5 Channels | $11.99
Cinemax is an all around good movie channel, and has lots of good new and older movie selections.

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