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Dish Network Cards

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DISH Network uses a series of receivers and DVR units that allow a customer to decode a satellite signal that is broadcast from a satellite orbiting in a geosynchronous orbit. The signal reaches a dish, and is then transferred along a coaxial cable to the receiver. From there, the receiver verifies the customer’s legitimacy, decodes the signal, and allows the customer to enjoy the content.

At the very core of all of these is the network card, which appears to be little more than a credit card with a microchip built in. However, upon further investigation a DISH Network customer will soon realize that their entire satellite television package literally hinges on the legitimate possession of a network card.

What is a DISH Network Card?

As mentioned earlier, the network card is what allows customers to view their content. It contains a key that is used to decode the encrypted data that DISH Network broadcasts over its satellite network. When your home actually receives the stream it needs to be decoded by a legitimate access key, otherwise you will simple be refused to the ability to view the channels.

It is about the same size and shape of a credit card, and though the overall design of the network card has changed several time since DISH Network’s launch, it has remained true to its general formula. It is immediately recognizable as the white card that sticks out from the front or side of your receiver, and it’s the first thing that children will go to rip out, especially while you’re watching your favorite TV show.

Thing of the network card as the key that opens the door to your television programming. Without it, your receiver, satellite dish, and intricate web of cables are nothing more than elaborately priced paperweights.

The Purpose of the Network Cards

Once upon a time (five years ago) satellite piracy was rampant. People all over America (and Canada) were tuning into all of the major satellite providers for free with the help of pirated receivers, satellite systems, and network cards. The cards, which at that time were easily compromised and programmed, were very basic in the way of anti-piracy measures. Unfortunately, they were also the only real line of defense that DISH Network had against pirates, and after they became compromised it became increasingly more difficult for DISH Network to keep its service clear of pirates.

It was a catch-22 scenario: users required a Network Card to authenticate their subscription and provide service, and pirates were able to easily fake the validity of those cards, making the entire scheme ineffective. Of course, all of the hardware that had been distributed by DISH Network required the cars to properly function- the company was literally stuck without any recourse.

In 2005 DISH Network changed all of its access cards to a different standard. All legitimate customers were mailed new access cards that were of different designs, and these new access cards also contained new codes that would decode the satellite stream. DirecTV had done this a few years prior, and once DirecTV was done changing everything over DISH Network saw their piracy rate skyrocket.

The new smart cards that DISH Network changed over to were variations of smart cards that had been available in Europe for quite some time. These smart cards were considered secure, as the piracy rate plummeted dramatically after they were introduced. Though many people wonder what the justification of an expensive and dramatic change was, it’s not hard to see once you consider the amount of potential profits that were lost to pirates.

After DirecTV and DISH Network made the security changes both companies saw increases in their subscription rates, and with the rising cost of marketing and operating expenses, this provided well-received revenue for DISH Network.

Despite popular belief, you cannot purchase a yellow network card off of eBay for $25 and expect it to work. The smart cards that are distributed to legitimate subscribers are intricate in design and very capable- to date there have been very few successful forgeries, making DISH Network more secure now than it ever has been in the past. Subscribers benefit from increased value in their services, less security shakeups or service outages, and the good feeling of knowing that they are helping DISH Network operate (aww).

If you’re satellite access is cut off and you are a legitimate customer, call DISH Network for support at 1-800-333-DISH.

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Just enquiring about and eas coast card for satellite dish. can you help me. Thanks Pat

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