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Dish DVR Advantage

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With all this hype of DirecTV DVR’s and TiVo, people often forget that there are other options available for their DVR needs. America, being a free market, has plenty of competition among the various brands to keep the prices down and the quality high. Every time I turn on my HD DISH DVR, a little tear comes to my eye. God bless American television.

The DISH DVR Advantage is a very capable combination of excellent programming – including Sirius satellite radio – and fantastic hardware. The DISH ViP622 is an example of excellent DVR hardware and efficient software. The DVR, which has a 320 gigabyte hard drive built in, and record up to 200 hours of standard definition programming. It also includes a host of other features that are now standard among the industry, and DISH always seems to have the “get a DVR free when you sign up” promotion going on, however, that promotion only applies to the DVR 510, 522, and 625, all of which offer great recording and video-on-demand features (DVR 625 and ViP 622 only for that), but can not receive or record HD playback. With that kind of pricing, getting a DVR for your home becomes a very attractive option.

Comparatively speaking, the DISH DVR doesn’t necessarily compare to DirecTV’s HD TiVo in terms of storage prowess or interface, but it’s also much less expensive and just as easy to use. People that have used both (including myself) have come to the general consensus that the price of the DISH DVR is definitely right, and the wealth of features that if offers (including HD programming) make it very appealing.

What’s Included With DISH DVR Advantage

Should you decide to purchase the top-of-the-line ViP622 (lists for $249, but you can get it for less) you’ll be treated to a host of features:

High Definition Playback and Recording – Receive and record HD TV. The ViP622 has all of the latest technologies built in to ensure that your brand new home theater gets the kind of use that you’d expect. The DISH network has dozens of HD channels, as well as pay-per-view HD movies and events. The ViP622 can record around 30 hours of high definition programming The less expensive models are unable to playback or record HD.

Standard Definition Playback and Recording – The ViP622 can record over 100 hours of standard definition programming on its hard drive, allowing you to download the shows that you want to watch and easily search through them later. The less expensive models (DVR 510, DVR 522, and DVR 625) can also record up to 100 hours of standard definition programming.

Fast-Forward, Pause, and Rewind Live TV – Utilizing the built in hard drives, any of the DVR’s offered on the dish network can manipulate live TV, allowing you to skip through annoying commercials or rewind to see an amazing scene.

Watch Multiple TV’s – The ViP622, with its multiple TV tuners, can have more than one TV operating off of it. Have a TV in the other room? Hook it up to the same receiver and enjoy programming on both.

Record Three TV Shows At Once – The ViP622 can record up to three different TV shows at once, whether their high definition or standard definition. The other DVR models are capable of recording a TV show and broadcasting at the same time, so you’ll never have to turn the TV off while you’re recording.

The Skinny On DISH DVR

A few years ago DirecTV was the ruler of the roost when it came to DVR’s. They had their own DVR solution, as well as solutions offered through TiVo, and they seemed to be doing quite well for themselves. DISH decided that enough was enough, and their latest entry into the DVR market is probably the most sophisticated, well-featured entrant around. The capabilities of the latest ViP622 DVR, including the ability to receive local HD channels that are broadcast in a MPEG-4 format, sets DISH apart from its competition.

As of this writing, DISH is the only network that can receive MPEG-4 HD broadcasts and record them with its DVR. Combined with a slick interface, intuitive search functions, and a massive amount of recording capabilities, DISH DVR Advantage is finally the big dog in town.

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