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Can My Dish Network Remote Be Used On My DVD Player?

By Erik

You can program most DISH Network remote controls to operate other devices in your home theater. Some devices have preset codes that you can find in the charts that come with your remote. But if your device is not on the list then you will need to scan for it.

Either way this is how you do it:

Step One:

Turn on the DVD player.

Step Two:

Use your DISH remotes instructions to find the name brand of your DVD player. If there is a code that matches your device continue to Step Three, if not skip straight to Step Six.

Step Three:

Press and Hold the Auxiliary mode button labeled “AUX”. Do this until all of other the mode buttons light up. Now let go of the “AUX”, this button now will flash. Press the “1” button.

Step Four:

Key in the three- digit code for the brand of DVD player you have and press the “#” button and then “-“button.

Step Five:

Press the “Power” button; this should turn off the device. Try pushing some of the other buttons; if they work as they should, you are finished. If not repeat Step Three to Step five with the additional codes for your devices brand.

Step Six:

You will need to perform a code scan if the codes do not work or if there is not a code for you devices brand. To do this Press and hold the “AUX” button until all other the mode buttons light up. Then Let go of the button and it should flash.

Step Seven:

Press the “1” button and the “Star” button. Then press the “Power” button.

Step Eight:

Press the “UP” or DOWN” button repeatedly until the DVD player turns off.

Step Nine:

Press the “#” or “-“button.

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