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Can I Watch Local Sports Games on Dish Network or DirecTV

By Jim

If you subscribe to either DISH Network orDirecTV, there’s always a concern of which games one might be able to watch from the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL).  Here’s a breakdown of both DISH Network and DirecTV, their sports packages, and if you can watch your local games on satellite.  Both DISH Network and DirecTV have their pros and cons and depending on which sports you are a fan of, the following information will help you decide which to go with.

DISH Network

NFL- DISH Network introduces NFL RedZone, claiming that it will change Sundays forever.  You get access to all the games on Sundays via every regional sports network.  NFL RedZone is in HD so you get the utmost clarity while watching the games.  Now you will never get stuck watching an AFC pillowfight between Oakland and Kansas City on CBS regional coverage when you could jump over to the Patriots vs. Ravens.

MLB- DISH Network did not carry its MLB Extra Innings package this year because DISH Network and the MLB could not come to terms financially.  Viewers can still receive games on the regular channels like ESPN, FOX, and local regional stations.

NBA- League Pass takes you courtside every week allowing you to watch up to 40 live games from around the league.  You can follow your favorite team when you subscribe to League Pass since it comes with subscriptions to local television sports markets.

NHL- DISH Network offers their Center Ice package that allows you to watch your favorite team(s) throughout the season while also offering 40 out of town games each week.  Some select games are broadcast in HD.

While all four sports follow the normal national and regional blackout rules (they have to by law), you can watch all games via pay-per-view packages.  As long as you subscribe to the MultiSport Package that basically gives you every channel both national and regional, you should be able to find the game you’re looking for.  DISH Network does on occasion have to black out certain games due to extenuating circumstances.  They release a schedule every week of games that are to be blacked out.


NFL-NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV features all 14 games each week and allows you to watch any one you want.  For fantasy geeks, you can track players’ stats throughout the day as well as see other scores and rankings at the touch of a button.  Each game is broadcasted in HD and if you’re somehow away from home, you can stream it to your computer.

MLB- MLB Extra Innings package allows viewers to watch your home team from wherever you might be in the States.  Along with that, you can watch up to 80 other games a week, 40 of which are in HD.  DirecTV also has an interface where you can watch eight games on one screen called the Game Mix.

NBA- NBA League pass allows subscribers to watch up to  40 games per week, even the one in your region.  Half of the games are guaranteed to be in stunning HD so there’s really no need to go a buy a ticket.  You can even watch multiple out-of-market games at once.

NHL-In the NHL Center Ice package, not only can you watch the hockey team in your local town but you can also listen to your local color commentators as well.  By instituting what DirecTV is calling Dual Feeds, you can choose whether you listen to the home or away broadcast.  Along with that, you get 40 other games per week, some of which are in HD.

DirecTV’s Sports Pack is an all-inclusive package that features every regional channel that you would want.  On the off chance that the game is blacked out, your DirecTV receiver automatically scans The Guide to see if it’s airing on any other channel.

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One Response to “Can I Watch Local Sports Games on Dish Network or DirecTV”
Jason - April 5th, 2010 at 11:27 pm

Many dish network areas such as my own don’t offer local channels. Do these dish network areas show any NFL games besides ESPN monday night football and nfl network thursday night football?

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