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Best Satellite Service

By Chris

How much time do you spend watching TV a week? How many times did you fall asleep while zapping through channels trying to find something decent to watch? How many times did your cable company piss you off with their unique customer service following an outage? Well it’s time you forgot about them and switch to a more decent alternative. Yes, I’m talking about satellite TV by DISH Network.

DISH Network

With Satellite TV you will get lots of channels for affordable prices. Choose what you want to watch and get your perfect deal for it. Get local networks and more. Choose sports subscriptions or movie packages if that’s what you want. I am a movie guy, if there’s no game on, so I’m always looking for movie channels to devour. Did I just get your attention there? Have you seen anything you like? Well DISH Network has great satellite TV offers for you.

Special Offers

Whether you order online or by phone you will get the best satellite TV offer from DISH Network. The best current offer comes to you with no activation fee whatsoever. Even better, you will get a $50 instant credit on the first bill. HBO & Starz will come free for 3 whole months while Cinemax will be offered for 12 months for a penny. I know what you’re thinking! If all that comes in HD you’re going to get it. Well it does. There’s Free PlatinumHD for 3 months. This package will cost you just $29.99 per month and it’s definitely worth checking out.


There’s no need for buying special equipment but you can opt in for a DVR receiver or a HD-DVR receiver. The upgrades will come for free. You’ll be able to control your TV. Record shows, skip over commercials and watch everything in HD quality. What more could you be asking for? And don’t worry about installation. A certified professional should take care of it.

Best Deal

How about getting 100 favorite channels? What about two-room DVR so everyone in your home can watch what they like at any given time? The whole package comes at only $44.99 with free equipment and professional installation. You can find out more, and sign up for DISH Network through Allsat.

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