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AllSat Review

By admin

When people are looking to sign up for Satellite TV, they may notice that there are always a ton of different stores and dealers to sign up and get it at.  All of these different dealers say they offer the “Best Deals” and often try to offer free satellite equipment or even a few months of free service as an incentive to sign up with them.  What many people don’t know is that there are only a few “trusted” satellite television dealers, and they could be getting into a predicament by going with the wrong one.

Allsat is one of the original DISH Network dealers and has been around since DISH Network was formed in the mid 1990’s.  This has made them one of the most trusted satellite dealers.  Personally, I have had a lot of good experiences with Allsat and have recommended a lot of friends to them.  Since I am always referring to them in posts as the place to sign up for Satellite, I thought I would do a complete review of them and show you why I trust their service and refer people to them.

To me, probably the most important aspect of a company is the way they treat their customers.  Customer support is very important with any service, and satellite tv just happens to be a service.  I have gone through a lot of different satellite dealers, and in my experience AllSat clearly has the best customer service.  Every time I have had a question or problem it has been answered and fixed quicker than I have expected.  They make the process of signing up for satellite extremely easy which brings me to my next point..Easy of Use.

AllSat offers a great tool on their website called the DISH Designer.  This tool lets you design the DISH Network satellite system and service that is right for you.  Some of you may be new to satellite television and unfamiliar with some of the terminology on most sites.  With the DISH Designer it eliminates the hassle of having to know certain terms and names of specific pieces of hardware.  It makes it so anyone and their mom can sign up for Satellite and it provides a fast, and user friendly experience.

AllSat also offers a wide variety of legitimate promotions that you can get free programming and equipment from.  I believe the latest promotion they are offering is 100 Digital Channels, a Free DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and HD DVR Upgrade and Free Installation for just $30 a month.  With this deal they also give you DISH HD free for 6 months and HBO and Cinemax Free for 3 months.  Sure beats Cable !

The final point I really want to make is that AllSat provides everything you need in one place.  You can use their DISH Designer to find the perfect system for you, Ask questions through their great customer support, and even compare satellite providers.  They also offer High-Speed Internet packages through satellite that you can sign up for on their website as well.  I will continue to recommend AllSat as my number 1 pick for DISH Network Dealers, and if you are looking to get DISH Network I highly recommend going through them.   AllSat really has their stuff together.

You can check out AllSat and Sign Up for DISH Network Service through them Here

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One Response to “AllSat Review”
jamshaid - July 12th, 2008 at 11:29 pm

i think this is the best website for satellite information.

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