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5 Great Reasons to Switch to Dish Network from Cable

By admin

Believe it or not I once had cable television service. I actually had no idea what satellite tv had to offer. I heard about satellite tv alot but never really gave it a second thought. Although some people have to get satellite because they don’t have cable in their area, most of us do have a choice. Here are 5 great reasons why you should switch to DISH Network.

1. Pay Less, Get More
I think that the best reason to switch to DISH Network and the reason that I switched is you simply get more channels with satellite for less than you pay for cable. With DISH Network I now get twice the amount of channels that I got when I had cable and I pay around the same price. Although this depends on your cable provider you usually can get better deals with satellite.

2. Free Premium Movie Channels
When you first sign up for DISH Network you can get free premium movie channels such as HBO and ShowTime for up to 6 months. This was great because I got to see what these channels had to offer before actually paying for them, and because of this I found that I really liked HBO but wasn’t a big fan of ShowTime.

3. Get HD and a DVR for Free.
If you are new customer to DISH Network you can get DISH HD for free for 6 months with a Free HD DVD upgrade. This allows you to access all of the HD channels and content on DISH Network, which is great if you have an LCD, DLP or Plasma television that supports HD.

4. Better Family Packages
DISH Network has specific programing packages designed specifically for families. On top of this DISH also has great parental controls that allows you to be in control of what your kids are watching. In this day and age this is extremely important for any parent to have and I don’t know what I would do without it.

5. Better Latino Content
Most cable companies don’t offer many channels in Spanish. With DISH Network you can get a Latino programming package that offers over 30 channels in spanish as well as channels in english as well. This is great for people who speak english as a second language and feel more comfortable watching TV in their native language.

You can sign up for DISH Network Here.

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